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June 10, 2020
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5 Things to Consider Before Purchasing Your Next Clock

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An exquisite time piece can be more than just a reminder of how time flies. It can also be a family heirloom passed down from generation to generation with the greatest of care. Who doesn't have an aunt, uncle, or grandparent that they stayed with as a kid that had a wonderful ticking clock or a chime clock that would musically remind you of the hour?

Will your timepiece be something that your family will pass on for generations? If not, here are a few things you may want to consider before making your next purchase.

1. Service: When purchasing an expensive timepiece it is always good to find a company that stands behind their product. Do they have a warranty on the piece you bought, if so, how long and what does it cover? Do they sell the parts needed for repairs or will they have to order them? Also, how long have they been in business? Purchase an expensive clock from a store that may go out of business and you will have no place to ask questions or get service done in the future.

2. Style: With the fashion styles changing with the season, think about what you want in a clock before purchasing. Will you be living in your current location five or ten years from now? If not, will the clock you purchase fit your new location? Purchase a clock that is a reflection of your definition of "timeless." Find a clock style that fits your personality and it will mostly likely fit your home decor for many years to come.

3. Size: Clocks come in many different sizes and shapes. If you are looking for a wall clock; determine its weight to see wether or not the wall you are planning on hanging it on will hold the weight. If you are picking a free standing clock; determine the weight of the clock to see how to move it in the future. If your clock is an outdoor clock; determine that the place you will hang it will stand against the elements and hold the clock secure for many years to come.

4. Sound: Clocks have variety of different sounds to them. It may be hard to tell how loud a specific clock is when you are in a clock store. The sound of a clock in a store full of clocks will sound quite different at night in the quiet of your own home. Take a sound recording of both the ticks and the chime and play them for yourself or your family during the quietest time in your house to determine if the clock will fit with your needs.

5. Maintenance: Clocks are fine pieces of art created with a number of different materials. Those made of fine woods and metals may require specials cleaners to help preserve their excellence, and a good store or online dealer should be able to sell you the correct cleaners for your clock. Most clocks also require maintenance of the internal components. Ask for a recommended scheduled maintenance routine and keep it in close to the clock so you will remember when maintenance may be needed.

Time: Webster's Dictionary defines time as the system of sequential relationship that any event has to any other, as past, present, or future being indefinite and continuous.

I've always thought of time as the most precious gift that one can give, the giving of time is the giving of oneself, making the recipient more important than any other event that may be occurring. A timepiece not only stands for the seconds and minutes that pass before our eyes, buy also the memories and moments that we will remember for a lifetime.

Choose your next clock wisely, that next timepiece you purchase may just mark the clicks and chimes of the most memorable moments of your life!


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