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March 12, 2020
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"Must - Haves" for the Outdoor Enthusiast

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Hunters, campers and outdoor enthusiasts appreciate equipment and tools that help them enjoy the outdoors more fully. Whether its fishing, hunting, or hiking, the following equipment can make great gift ideas that your outdoor enthusiast will look forward to using on the next outing.

A cast iron roaster and griddle is ideal for preparing wild game and one-pan meals. For instance, the Cabela Oval Cast Iron Roaster & Griddle provides quick and even cooking and the lid doubles as a convenient griddle. Although it can be used indoors, it's best results are rendered for outdoor cooking.

No hunter or fisherman should be without a fillet knife. Like a very flexible boning knife, the fillet knife is used to fillet and prepare fish. They have a blade about 6 to 11 inches long that allows them to move easily along the backbone and under the skin of fish. The MAC Sole Fillet knife has an exceptionally thin and flexible blade designed for filleting sole or other delicate flat fish.

And while you're considering a fillet knife, why not consider a knife block set for the serious hunter or fisherman. Professional quality-made knives feature paring, serrated utility, carving, and a cook's knife - all contained in a knife block for easy and safe storage. Shop for high carbon stainless steel blades and poly handles with a no-slip grip for years of use.

A truly practical gift for the hunter, electric grinders come in a variety of sizes to meet various grinding needs. Choose one, like Cabela's Commercial Grade Electric Grinders, that offer stainless steel necks, bases, plates, screws and blades, and also are certified for home or commercial use.

Nothing is more delicious than chicken prepared on a roaster, otherwise known as "beer butt chicken roasters." These roasters come in either double or single size in stainless steel. Although these kinds of roasters were developed to roast the poultry using a beer can, other liquids such as juice or soda drinks can be used. The liquid provides steaming inside the chicken, which produces juicy, tender chicken that falls off the bone. These types of roasters require an outdoor grill with a high lid design to accommodate the chicken roasters.

Functional and convenient for the hunting camp, a slow cooker is ideal for the hunter who can prepare meat or stew ingredients with seasonings, and then heat out to hunt and return later to a warm, filling meal that's ready to enjoy. Eastman makes a 3.5-quart slow cooker with a RealTree Hardwood Camo design.

Jerky is a food staple for many hunters and can be made from beef, venison, elk, turkey, and more. To prepare jerky, the chosen meat is thinly sliced, or pressed thinly, and drying commences at low temperatures, to avoid cooking or overdrying the meat. Multi-tiered jerky trays allow hunters to process a large batch of jerky. Look for trays with an easy-to-clean tray that catches drippings.

For the outdoor enthusiasts who need their morning java, a drip coffee maker designed to fit on a two- or three-burner gas stove, like the Coleman Drip Camp Coffee Maker, can be easily used on a camp or RV gas stove. The Coleman coffee maker also offers pause, serve, and easy pour features.

Once the hunter heads out, he or she can keep their coffee hot with vacuum bottles. The Cabela Camo Bullet Vacuum Bottle are made of stainless steel and are double-walled to keep beverages hot or cold and are extra tough for rugged conditions. The insulated lid doubles as a cup. The bottles come in various sizes.

Any outdoorsman knows that animal-proofing a campsite is important for both humans and animals. A chuck box is a convenient accessory to keep staples and cooking tools contained in a locked container. Cabela's Chuck Box comes with utility hooks, shelf space, paper towel holder, carrying handles, and even a silverware tray. The formica top doubles as a work surface.


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