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May 29, 2020
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5 Low Cost Christmas Gifts For Mom

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We all want to get the best Christmas gift for Mom we can possibly buy, but in tough economic times, sometimes our budget simply doesn't allow us to spend a lot of money on Christmas presents. But you can find a variety of inexpensive Christmas gifts for Mom that are both unique and allow you to keep a reasonable budget.

If you are looking for inexpensive Christmas gifts Mom will enjoy, here are some of the most popular choices each holiday season:

Chocolate is always a favorite with Moms regardless of their age. With so many varieties of chocolate treats to choose from at Christmastime, you will surely be able to find something delicious to send to Mom that she'll enjoy long after the holiday has passed.

Flowers are always a great gift for Christmas or any other holiday. Ordering a special arrangement and handwriting a card tells Mom you really care, and she will love how the beautiful bouquet brightens up her room and her holiday season. You can send or hand-deliver a small arrangement for under $30, and Mom will really know you care.

Jewelry is always a great Christmas gift for Mom and you can find beautiful rings, necklaces, ear rings and more for under $20.

What mom doesn't love candles? There are lots of candles to choose from, and some can be purchased for under $10. With so many varieties, scents, and styles to select from this Christmas, you can certainly find some candles that Mom will really enjoy. Candleholders are another inexpensive Christmas gift idea to go with those beautiful new candles you're going to buy. Books and magazines are a great gift around the holiday season when Mom has some downtime to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet after all the guests have left. If you are not sure exactly what your mother's reading taste is, a gift certificate to her favorite book store will allow her to choose the reading material she will enjoy most.


Getting a personalized gift for Mom is the best way to show her you put some extra thought into her gift by having her initials or a her favorite quote engraved. Getting your Christmas gifts personalized costs nothing extra, and most stores can personalize your Christmas gifts for Mom rather quickly.

No matter what gift you decide on, its important to remember that it's the tought that counts. Working with a limited budget does not have to limit your potential gift-giving joy - in fact, finding the perfect gift for someone without settling on the latest trendy gift will illustrate just how much thought you put into your gift-giving season.


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