100 Days To Christmas
January 31, 2021

Express Gratitude this Christmas with a Box of Treats

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Christmas is the best time of the year to express your appreciation for the people who have been good to you throughout the year. As Christmas approaches, the Christmas list keeps getting longer so if you're at a loss on what to give this Christmas, a great gift idea awaits in a Box of Treats.

Whether it's a thank you gift for colleagues, business associates, friends, family or loved ones, you can always find a beautiful and affordable gift for them. A basket of sweets is a perfect choice for the holiday season because the chocoholic in each of us loves an indulgent Box of Treats.

Selecting your loved one's all-time favourite chocolates and customising a package to go with it makes for a great Christmas gift. At a Box of Treats, you can choose from their range of chocolate packages or create your own box of treats. It's time to pick, mix and deliver your gifts to family and friends all across Australia.

Everyone Deserves a Thank You Gift

In order to make sure you don't forget anyone this Christmas, here is a list that may help you remember some people you may also want to thank this year:

* A neighbour who
- Took care of your pet while you were on vacation
- Picked up your mail and watched over your house while you were away
- Welcomed you in the new community or neighbourhood
- Offered to give you a ride when your car broke down
- Helped you carry groceries or new furniture and appliances into your house
- Lent you a lawnmower or some tools and equipment
- Invited you over for dinner because you're home alone for the weekend

* A work colleague who
- Helped you with a project at work
- Completed your tasks while you were on vacation or sick leave
- Volunteered to finish your task so you can leave early and attend your child's school activity

* A classmate who
- Helped you understand a topic you found difficult in class
- Tutored you at home during weekends to prepare you for the upcoming week's exam
- Accompanied you home because you were sick
- Copied and sent you the week's assignments and activities because you had the flu
- Toured you around the campus because you're a new transfer student

* A teacher who
- Took time to tutor your child because the child's exam scores are low
- Called you when your child was sent to the school clinic
- Patiently explained your child's school standing and performance and advised the best way to improve your child's grades

* A hospital staff who
- Was very attentive and caring during your hospitalisation
- Exerted extra effort to make your hospital stay as comfortable as possible
- Patiently explained, in simple terms, the different medicines given and hospital equipment attached to you

Every day, we receive help and assistance from so many people so whether it's a big or small favour, it would be great to say thank you to them. What better way to express gratitude than a thank you gift for them this Christmas. You can start putting a smile on their face with the sweet decadence of a Box of Treats.


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