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October 4, 2020
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Have a Festive Lights Display while Keeping in Check Electrical Safety

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The Country Fire Authority (CFA)announced the Fire Danger Season for 2011-2012. It starts on December 1stand continues until April 30th.Aside from bushfire safety and survival, they also advise everyone to be careful during the holidays. The festive season should enjoyed safely by preventing electrical accidents due to Christmas lights display.Christmas wouldn't be complete without the display of spectacular indoor and outdoor decorative lights and light features, but always ensure that you put electrical safety on top of your list.

Safety Checklist for an Accident-Free Season

Following basic precautions when buying and setting up Christmas lights can prevent property damages, injuries, and deaths. The Master Electricians Australia (MEA)suggests that you include these important factors in your safety checklist:

- Use safety switches for all electrical wiring because they sense danger and cut off power immediately.
- Check labels and look for the approval number to see if the equipment meets national safety standards, especially those manufactured outside Australia.
- Buy low-voltage lights, which generally come with transformers.
- For outdoor lights, buy those which are specifically designed for external use.
- Make sure the lights and cords are kept away from powerlines, driveways, walkways, swimming pools, and the reach of children.
- Turn off all outdoor lights during rain or storms - even if they are weatherproofed.
- Do not piggy-back double adaptors or overload power boards.

If you're unsure about your electrical wiring and connections, or if you're planning to do some electrical installations, it's recommended that you seek the assistance of a licensed electrical contractor. You shouldn't second guess when it comes to electrical safety, so ask the help of certified professionals like the team of Master Electricians at A Grade Electrical.

A Grade Electrical, Brisbane's local Master Electricians, provide complete electrical solutions and reliable services for all your electrical needs. They specialise in the following electrical services:

- New builds or renovations
- Safety inspections
- Test and tag
- Electrical additions or alterations
- Commercial and industrial installations
- Switchboard and mains upgrades

Other Useful Tips to Keep Your Home Safe from Risks of Electrical Incidents

Don't take chances because faulty electrical wiring can be fatal when not properly installed or checked.Keep your home and your family safe every day by observing these simple steps:

- Check your switchboard for blown fuses, burn marks, worn wires, scorching, etc.
- Hire an electrical contractor to inspect and upgrade your switchboard and electrical wiring, especially if they were installed before the 1950s.
- Install extra power points to avoid overloading power boards.
- Install outdoor power points to avoid using extension cords.
- Don't do your own electrical wiring or use broken electrical appliances. Have them fixed by a qualified electrician or dispose them properly.
- Avoid putting electrical cords under rugs or in high traffic areas where they can easily be broken.
- Allow plenty of air to flow around your electrical appliances to avoid overheating.

Ensure the safety of your home and your loved one by checking your electrical connections and power boards regularly.


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