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November 12, 2020
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How To Choose The Right Fragrance Gift This Season

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Just as the fragrance you wear says a lot about you as a person, people interpret your gift of fragrance as what you are saying about them. If they like the fragrance and how it makes them feel, your gift will be a great success. However, if they don't like the fragrance and how it makes them feel, your gift is a potential disaster for your relationship. This makes fragrance a gift that will need a lot of care and thoughtfulness in order to get it right.

That's not to say that you should never give fragrance as a gift. Just remember that scent is a very personal choice and that elevates the gift to an intimate level. You will need to really understand the likes and dislikes of the person you are giving it to unless they have given you a specific request for a certain scent. Especially in the case of your spouse or significant other, you need to research first.

Pay attention to the scent your significant other typically wears. Getting something similar to what they are already using is generally a safe bet. Ask questions about what types of fragrances they like to wear and why. They may tell you of a fragrance that they really like but for some reason do not have right now. That would make your choice of gift a guaranteed success. Not only did you get the gift itself but they know that you were listening to them.

Choosing a new fragrance based on only what you like has a high probability of backfiring on you. If you get lucky, you will find a new fragrance that your significant other really likes. In that case they will think of you every time they wear the scent. However, there is a great chance of giving a fragrance that they don't like. Given that scent smells different on each person due to body chemistry, the smell may not work for them.

Christmas is the easiest holiday to attempt a fragrance gift. Typically people write up a list of what they would like to receive. If they have a specific scent written on their list, you have a sure winner as a gift. If they have a general product without a specific brand (like "perfume"), you can ask questions for more details without giving away a surprise.

The right fragrance can be a wonderfully personal and intimate gift. To be successful you will need to know the person very well and what they like and don't like in a fragrance. You must be confident in your knowledge of that person's tastes in scents or be sure to get a product that they already own to know for sure they will like it.


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